Event Coordinator
Subhodeep Chatterjee
Email Id

Winner: Upto 6000 Cash Prize
First Runner-up: Upto 4000 Cash Prize

You are a nightingale! For it is you, who fills the airs with melodies and the crowds with serenity.

  1. You must be 18 years old or over to be eligible. Registration is free and open to all on a first-cum- first-serve basis, however a maximum of three separate entries will be allowed per institute.
  2. Time limit: From the moment a participant's name is announced, he/she will have a total of 6 minutes to go to the stage, set an instrument (if needed), perform a sound check (if required), and perform. Exceeding time will result in penalties.
  3. Accompanying instruments: Participants will have the option of playing along with an instrumentalist as a team, however only TWO instrumentalists will be allowed to accompany a participant. Amplifier and a synthesizer will be provided by IIT AMRITSAR, drums are not allowed; for all other instruments it will be the responsibility of the participant and the accompanying instrumentalist to arrange and maintain the instrument.
  4. Use of synthesizer tracks: Use of synthesizer tracks is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Any participant found violating this rule would be liable to immediate disqualification.
  5. Song: Language no bar.
  6. Organisers hold the right to change/modify rules on the day of the event.
  7. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.
  8. Last date for Registration i.e. 31st January,2018. Only the point-of-contact(s) need to register.

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