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Neware Gunjan Gajanan
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Prizes worth Rs: Upto 15000/- Cash Prize

Jugaada 2.0 is the platform for showcasing your innovative, creative skills clubbed with your zeal for marketing.Put your uber marketing skills to the ultimate test as MARKOPHILIC, The Marketing Club of IIM Amritsar brings to you this event as a part of Aarunya 2.0 - The Management & Cultural Fest of IIM Amritsar.Bringing together a ganglion of thoughtful minds from all over the country, this event would be the clash of knowledge, with marketing skills and systematic thinking relating to the corporate world.

No of Rounds 3

Round 1

Online Quiz will be there on 8th Jan 2018. Quiz will be focused on Sales and Marketing. Duration will be of 15 minutes. Based upon the scores teams will be shortlisted and personal notification will be send to qualified team in their Registered E-mail-ids

Round 2

The next round will be Advertisement making challenge where participants are required to submitted their Innovative Advertisement Pitch: Expected as video not less than 2 minutes, within given Deadline i.e. 14th Jan 2018. Shortlisted teams will be notified in their registered IDs and they are required to give their assurance for campus round within one week of this deadline

Round 3

On Campus Round most probably on 3rd/4th February 2018
Duration: 12 minutes


  1. Task for player 1: A small treasure hunt. Clues to be held by the coordinators. 2 clues and reach the final product and transfer it to player
  2. Task for player 2: After receiving the product from player 1, the player 2 tries to sell the product. He will play the role of both buyer and seller. He is supposed to switch roles every time we say "turn coat ". Measured by humor, content and delivery.
Rules of the competition
  1. After disclosing the topic, the player is given two minutes to get the help of his groupmate before presenting.
  2. Strictly adhere to timings.
  3. Cannot repeat the same sentence more than once during the presentation.

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