Event Coordinator
Divya Shanmugam
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Event Coordinator
Ashish Kapoor
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Prizes worth Rs: Upto 15000/- Cash Prize

Ishtihara 2.0 -Inquisitive is the soul that thrives on knowledge, with excitement unleashed at every spearhead of time. Having captured all the synergic zest, MARKOPHILIC - The Marketing Club of IIM Amritsar presents to you this exotic event as a part of Aarunya 2.0 - The Management & Cultural Fest of IIM Amritsar.

Round 1

Online Quiz will be on 9th January 2018. Quiz will be focused on Digital Marketing and Brand Identification. Duration will be of 15 minutes. Based upon the scores teams will be shortlisted and personal notification will be send to qualified team in their Registered E-mail-ids

Round 2

Social Media Ad campaigns round. Participants can follow any path of campaigning may it be a write up or video or posters through which they can easily depict their story with the brand. Participants video/write up/poster's will be judged on the basis of innovation and No. of likes. Results will be declared on 13th Jan 2018. Shortlisted teams will be notified in their registered IDs and they are required to give their assurance for campus round within one week of 13th Jan 2018.

Round 3

On Campus Round most probably on 3rd/4th February 2018

Segment 1

New trends that can be expected could be predicted and new products can be introduced.


Lays introduces Ice cream.


Two boxes closed. Each team chooses one product from each box. Say, he picks Lays chips and Cadbury. Now team decides the product, which can either be Cadbury chips or Lays chocolates.

Segment 2

Opportunities that a product/brand can taper at the moment. Also, more about thinking what would suit future. Measured on sales pitch and maximum amount that it can be sold for.

Rules of the competition
  • Originality.
  • Innovative and new ideas

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