Event Coordinator
Panchsheel Prateek
Email Id
Event Coordinator 2
Sachin Sadanandan
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Winner: Upto 7000 Cash Prize
Runner's Up: Upto 4000 Cash Prize
  • Each team should have only 7 playing members
  • Teams can have 3 substitute players, only a declared substitute can take the field
  • Teams have to submit the names of playing 7 and substitutes to the Football Event to the Coordinator before the match.
  • Matches will be of 40 minutes duration with 20 minutes each half and a break of 10 minutes
  • Standard laws of football will be applicable
  • During knockout rounds, if a match ends in a draw by the end of normal, there will be extra time of 10 minutes with two 5 minutes halves to be played
  • If teams are still tied after extra time, penalty shootout will take place
  • If a player is shown a red card or two yellow cards, he will miss the next match and also cannot play the present match.
  • Referee’s decision shall be final and binding.

**The decision of the referee shall be final and binding. Any sort of argument or misbehaviour with the referee will result in the team being disqualified

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