Event Coordinator
Sanju Madhumita
Email Id

Winner: Upto 25000 Cash Prize
First Runner-up: Upto 15000 Cash Prize

Fashion is architecture": Now built on a ramp to showcase its attitude.

Team Size

Maximum 20, Minimum 6

  1. Duration 7 - 12 mins are allowed for performance. Additional 3-5 minutes will be given to teams who want to set-up stage.
  2. There should be at least 50 percent girl's participants.
  3. Teams can choose any theme of their choice.
  4. Teams should have supporting members, in-charge of music, lightning and props if any.
  5. Tracks should be in MP3 or Wav format only. It should be submitted at least 2 hours prior to timing of event.
  6. Stage should not remain empty for more than 30 seconds during the performance.
  7. No props, accessories or clothes will be provided.
  8. No electrical power connections will be provided for costume. If you want to use a costume which require power source. You should arrange beforehand.
  9. No practise time will be given.
  10. Dance poses are allowed. However complete dance performance will lead to disqualification.
  11. Organisers hold the right to change/modify rules on the day of the event.
  12. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.
  13. Last date for Registration i.e. 31st January,2018. Only the point-of-contact(s) need to register.

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