Event Coordinator
Apoorv Tiwari
Email Id
Event Coordinator 2
Vaibhav Kathuria
Email Id

Team Size
No. of participants per team: 2-3

Prizes worth: Upto ₹ 15,000 Cash Prize

Trading is about mental toughness and emotional discipline. Enormous fortunes can be created overnight but at the same time wealth can be obliterated in a matter of seconds. To test your instincts and fortitude, FEC brings you Days on Dalal Street – a competition where the speculative minds shall compete against the volatile Indian stock market.

  • The deadline to register is 9:00 p.m. 11th January 2018
  • Round 1 will be an online quiz on D2C testing your knowledge of finance & equity markets.
  • Shortlisted teams will compete in Round 2, virtual trading on an online platform for 1 week.
  • Shortlisted teams will be invited to the final on-campus round.

Round 1

Online Quiz (11th January 2018)

Round 2

Simulation Round – Online virtual trading
(15th Jan – 19th Jan)

Round 3

On Campus Round (3rd/4th February)

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