Event Coordinator
Shivani Chholak
Email Id

Winner (Men)- Upto 4000 Cash Prize
Runner's up (Men)- Upto 2000 Cash Prize
Winner (Women)–Upto 4000 Cash Prize
Runner's up (Women)- Upto 2000 Cash Prize

The event will be played following FIDE international chess rules.

  1. The Format will be knockout.
  2. A Single institute may send multiple teams.
  3. Only individual men and women events will be conducted.
  4. Each match will be of maximum 40-minute duration with each player getting 20 minutes on the clock.
  5. Minor rules related to game play and code of conduct will be conveyed to participating teams at the event venue.
  6. Decision of IIM Amritsar Sports Committee will be final and binding on participants for all matters pertaining to chess tournament.

**The decision of the referee shall be final and binding. Any sort of argument or misbehaviour with the referee will result in the team being disqualified

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