Event Coordinator
Vivek Singla
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Winner: Upto 9000 Cash Prize
First Runner-up: Upto 6000 Cash Prize

From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring". May your poetry bring to life the Phoenix.

  1. Time limit –maximum 10 minutes
  2. English/Hindi/Bilingual write-ups accepted
  3. Participants would have to come up with their own originals poems, songs or other write-ups.
  4. Only individual participation is allowed.
  5. Organisers hold the right to change/modify rules on the day of the event.
  6. The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.
  7. Last date for Registration i.e. 31st January,2018. Only the point-of-contact(s) need to register.

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